Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sylvie Berman

“Blés herbes bleues”  ©  Sylvie Berman

Name: Sylvie Berman
BioSylvie Berman is a French artist who now lives in Corbières. From an African childhood she preserved a love of nature and of powerful contrasts of shadow and light, contrasts she rediscovered in the Languedoc. Sylvie studied art at the atelier Met de Peninghen (Paris), atelier du Mai (Malakoff),  and the École Nationale des Arts Décoratifs (Paris) where she learned a variety of techniques including screenprinting, etching, oil and watercolour. But she says that discovering pastel in 1985 was for her a revelation.
Sylvie has also worked in  fashion design, poster design and oriental rug restoration. She has been exhibiting since 1975, in Hérault, the Aude, and Paris.
Subjects: Flowers; landscapes.
Medium:  Pastel.  “Pastels allow for a fast and spontaneous treatment: one gesture gives a drawing and color, and captures the movement of herbs and flowers, waving of wheat in the wind. The touch of little sticks of chalk in the fingers, on the skin, creates a sensual connection between the painter and her work.”
Navigation: Website is in French. Links remain available at side of page. It is a nicely-designed site, unlike many French art websites that seem to lack focus, and to have obtrusive advertising that detracts from the site’s primary function, which should surely be to display the art.
Gallery: Herbes sauvages (wildflowers); Blés à Midi (corn at  midday); Tableaux d’arbres (paintings of trees); Vignes et Jardins (vines and gardens); Travail des Vignes (working the vines); Toiles d’herbes (florals in oil)
Image View: Information is generally provided on mouseover on the thumbnails, which are presented to look like 35mm slides (remember them?) Click to enlarge in a slideshow, where right click is not disabled -  but work fast before the image moves on! (There is in fact a pause button) Blés herbes bleues is 65 x 50 cm., 1084 x 627, 218 KB.
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