Saturday, June 16, 2012

Claude Micheli

“ Mer 71”  © Claude Micheli
Name: Claude Micheli 
Bio: Born in Marseille in 1951, and living in Dijon, Claude Micheli studied in the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, and continued his studies as an autodidact and through contacts with other artists, in Marseille and Paris. He has had solo exhibitions since 1976 and began winning awards shortly afterwards. The influence of the classical masters is evident in most of his works, including the Italians of the 16th century. Indeed, one detects in his oil paintings and in his pastels the contrasts of light and shadow reminiscent of Caravaggio, or the sfumato of Leonardo da Vinci. The strength of his modeling, in his drawings and his early works is heavily influenced by Michelangelo. Romantics like Caspar David Friedrich or Russian Aivazowski have also left their mark. Among the more contemporary artists who have influenced Micheli one can cite Jackson Pollock, of whom he regards the stains thrown randomly on the canvas as life elements, and Francis Bacon, whose faces transformed in the process of dissolution evoke the work of Micheli.
Medium: Pastel; photography; drawings 
Subjects: Landscape; seascapes; abstracts. Despite a great diversity in variety of techniques, materials and styles used over time, the work of Claude Micheli is animated by some inspired elements, which appear regularly in his work. These are some forms (the square), certain materials, plant material such as wood, used as is or reproduced in surreal accuracy. 
Style: The skill of this artist is probably best discerned in his pastel seascapes; his abstracts are equally accomplished. Although abstract, they seem representational, a sort of minute organic analysis – I’m just amazed that he hasn’t put any computer-generated fractal images on the website, since he seems to have tried just about everything else. 
Navigation: The website is in French; once you go into Galeries, and choose one to view, a dropdown list becomes available to navigate the others. 
Gallery: Galeries : abstraits oeuvres pastel; paysages; charmes d'apparitions; DERNIERS CHARMES ; de 1978 à 1990 ; charmes ; copies de maitres’ nouveaux charmes; dessins 1978 / 1990; aquarelles 1978/1990; 2006 à 2009; INTEMPORALITE 
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge in viewer, and may be viewed serially therein; download is not possible. Mer 71 is 40 x 50 cm
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