Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cynthia Blair

“Summer Solstice I”  © Cynthia Blair

Name: Cynthia Blair
Bio: Cynthia Blair is classically trained as an illustrator, but although certainly a bona fide traditional artist, she is equally at home in the digital world. Blair makes use of Photoshop to develop and refine painting concepts which are then are used as references for the final painting. Blair is an award-winnig artist and has been featured in several art magazines, as well as being a signature member of a number of art societies. Blair uses her expertise to assist other artists bridge the gap between the traditional and the digital art; she has worked with clients locally and worldwide, pointing them to new markets through custom designed websites and social networking. She also mentors young artists online through
Medium:  Pastel; oil; digital; etc. Let Cynthia tell it:
"I never wanted a "real" job.   Life as an artist is like being a kid in a candy store. Wouldn't it be fun to draw portraits of rock stars and guitar heroes?   Maybe some of my heroes from Lord of the Rings?   Paint seascapes in oils?   Grab some pastels and paint animals, landscapes, and people?  Play in Photoshop?  Design political banners and medical concepts in Flash? Create theatre posters in Illustrator? Design unique websites for personal portfolios as well as business websites? How about mixing traditional and digital together? Some used to tell me to "narrow my focus" ...I see now that diversity is my strength. All forms of creative expression are connected."
Subjects: Landscape; Maritime; Figurative; Still life.
Style: Representational. Mostly. This is one artist that refuses to be categorized,
Navigation: Website is designed by the artist. It remains easy to navigate and links remain available at all times. Image view is creative.
Gallery: Pastel : Landscape ; Seascape ; Figurative; Floral; Animals (I only list the pastel galleries – there are others.)
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge on mouseover. Title, medium and size are listed. Downloading an image is possible if the cursor remains within the enlargement such that right click is available. Summer Solstice I is 30 x 24 ins, 500 x 375. 54 KB.
Facebook: yes

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