Friday, June 8, 2012

Pierre Tchakhotine

“Nuvoloni sulle Alpi cuneesi” © Pierre Tchakhotine

Name: Pierre Tchakhotine
Bio: Pierre Tchakhotine was born in Paris in 1943 to Russian parents. In 1958 he attended drawing classes in Rome. After graduating in physics at Moscow University he worked for ten years as a marine geophysicist on the White Sea.
From 1979-1981 he attended drawing classes for adults run by the Paris Commune. Since 1985 he has had more than 60 solo exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany and Russia.
Although both a French and Russian citizen,  Tchakhotine chooses to live in Italy (in Murazzano Langhe). He is essentially a landscape painter in the Impressionist tradition and he always paints plein air. In over 1500 paintings, he has depicted the landscape of Cuneo, in Liguria, Corsica, Normandy, Upper Volga and northern Russia. Water in its various aspects is a subject particularly beloved by the artist, but also snow, clouds and forests, hills and mountains in the different seasons, in short, anything that inspires him.  He uses mostly extra fine artists pastels APA Ferrario Color, and Miliani Fabriano "Titian" paper.
Tchakhotine  is a member of the Union of Russian Painters (2000) and he was the promoter of the Italo-Russian pastel shows in Jaroslavi (1999, 2000). He was the instigator of the international project Europastello (2000-2003), of which he was Chairman of the Organising Committee – it involved 320 artists from 28 countries of Europe and USA. He was the first European painter whom the Pastel Society of America  Hall of Fame recognized in their prestigious Hall of Fame in 2003 for his commitment to spreading the recognition of pastel in Europe.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Landscape.
Style: Representational - impressionistic
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