Friday, June 22, 2012

Terjeberg Larsen

“Full sail”  © Terjeberg Larsen

Name: Terjeberg Larsen
Bio: Terjeberg Larsen was born in 1953 and raised in Stavanger, Norway. He was taught by, among others, Äke Skjold, Jacob SjÅthun, Jacob SjÅthun, Konrad StrÅmmen, Roland Lengauer, and Reidar Berge, (life drawing / pastel / sculpture 1993-95). He has participated in numerous collective exhibitions in Rogaland and in Çrekke, and has had a number of solo shows in Folkets Hus and in Galleri Astro in Stavanger.
Medium:  Pastel; oil
Subjects: Landscape; maritime; still life
Style: Representational
Navigation: Website is mirrored in Norwegian and in English
Gallery: Art galleri
Image View: There are only 8 thumbnails featured, and they barely enlarge. I suppose that I have included this website because this is the first Scandinavian pastellist I have come across. The work is competent, but the website minimal. The images download as gifs.
Blog/Demo: No.

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