Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Artists new to the blog

Due to a misunderstanding I did not receive the April - October issues of the Pastel Journal until last week (with the exception of the August issue, where my piece on Vicente Romero furnished the cover.)
Of course the April Journal is the eagerly-awaited Pastel 100 issue. I have fun with this issue, as I try to guess the prizewinners from the artwork alone, without peeking at the artists' names. I get a lot of them right - some artists are unmistakable in their subject matter, style and approach. I think a landscape by Elizabeth Mowry, Albert Handell, Richard McKinley, Desmond O'Hagan, is easily identified, as are figures by Bill Hosner or Sally Strand, or still life paintings by Claudia Seymour, Barbara Groff, or Nicora Gangi. However, there are always new works, new artists, and this is probably the most exciting part. Thanks to the April issue, and some other sources, I am adding the following artists to the Awaiting Review section.

Brian Sauerland
Lea Colie Wight
Rachel Estrada
Ann Van Blarcom-Kurowski
Sue Gombus
Karen Budan
Patricia Cain
Alice Laputka
Victor Ambrus
Angela A'Court

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