Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sally Trueman

“ Crouching Figure” © Sally Trueman

Name: Sally Trueman
Bio:  Born In Margate, England in 1960, Sally Trueman  trained as a portrait painter under John Hughes-Hallett, official portraitist of Queen Elizabeth II. She financed her studies in alternative medicine by the sale of the paintings, and practised until 2000, when she moved to Toulouse in the south of France to paint full time. Her portrait work continued – including a painting of Zizou – French footballer Zinedine Zidane; and she launched herself into a series of oils and pastels on the theme of the sea and bathers. More recently she has concentrated on painting flowers, and has returned to Kent, England, and more to oil.
Sally Trueman has had many successful exhibitions and is the receipient of numerous awards. She was featured in the 2012 edition Hors-Serie Pastel of the French magazine Pratique des Arts.
Medium: Pastel, oil.
Subjects: Figurative, flowers.
Style: Sally’s painting style combines elements of expressionism and realism with abstract painting techniques. She is obsessive about finding the right tint, making the right mark, even if it becomes invisible to the viewer. Her signature is colour, form, and texture.
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Gallery: Nudes (Prudes please note; Sally has the following caveat on this gallery page: “Please note, this is a tasteful exhibition / website by a highly respected International artist – however, clearly it is unsuitable for anyone offended by nudity” ; Flowers; Oils
Image View: Images enlarge on new page on clicking, and may be downloaded. You must use the back button to return to the gallery. Dimension is indicated. Crouching Figure is 40 x 60 cms, 525 x 285, 272 KB.
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