Monday, November 19, 2012

Alexandre Moreau

“Mormaison” © Alexandre Moreau
Name: Alexandre Moreau
Bio: French pastellist Alexandre Moreau was born in 1984. He spent his school years drawing on his desk and on the blank margins of his school books. Once he finished school, he tried drawing nature with pencil and watercolour, but felt he did not have the technique. However, after visiting the pastel exhibition in Saint-Florent-le-Vieil in 2009 he tunred his attention to pastel, when he saw the possibilities of the medium for rendering landscape and light. He also liked the pastels for their ability to draw and paint simultaneously. A course with Patrice Bourdin in 2010 to learn the basic of the medium was followed by a session with master pastellist and landscape artist Peter Thomas in 2012. Like Peter, Alexandre works primarily en plein air, with studio sessions reserved for finishing. Alexandre wasted no time in exhibiting his work, and has already won prizes, including Mormaison (above) that won the 1st prize for natural heritage in Rocheserviere.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Landscape
Style: Representational
Navigation: The website is in French, and for a French site is professionally designed and presented. It is a pleasure to navigate.
Gallery: Galeries: Presented year by year.
Image View: Each thumbnail  may be enlarged; alternatively you can choose “grand format” and scroll through the collection. Information on each image is provided on mouseover, although this information is brought up on the image itself and cuts out the base section where it is placed. Dimension is not always included, but Alexandre works on Pastel Card, so that should  give an indication of the limits of size. Download is not possible.
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