Sunday, December 30, 2012

Karin Goeppert

“Verwurzelt - Rooted”  © Karin Goeppert
Name: Karin Goeppert
Bio: Karin Goeppert was born in 1955 in Stuttgart, Germany. She had been interested in art since her mid-teens but had ambitions to be a writer rather than an artist. Ten years ago she started painting with oil, acrylics and watercolours and six years later she switched to pastel when she was given some to try out. Captivated by the directness, the spontaneity and the fantastic colours of the medium, she decided push the medium as far possible in a contemporary style. She has been working on making her landscapes expressive, colouristic, tending towards abstract and contemporary. This has inevitably progressed to fully abstract works of late. Given that her influences include Cezanne, Franz Marc, Mark Leach and Lovis Corinth, this is a natural progression.
Karin is a self-taught artist, but has taken workshops with Astrid Volquardsen and Casey Klahn. She is a member of the Association for the Promotion of Art Stuttgart eV, with whom she has exhibited, and has been a member of the Pastel Guild of Europe since November 2009. Karin and her husband have lived in Stuttgart, Hamburg, Munich and California; for or the past 8 years she has lived Berlin, where she spends most of her spare time painting.
“Hamburger Stadtpark-Swamp” © Karin Goeppert

Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Landscape; Abstracts
Style: Impressionist to abstract.
Navigation: This website is bilingual, in German and in English.
Gallery: Landscape; Still Life; Totally Abstract; Sketches.
Image View: Thumbnails open in a scrollable viewer and may be downloaded. Information on dimension is supplied both on the thumbnails and the enlargements.
Demo: No
Blog: Karin’s art blog is shared with her husband, Kenneth Burns, who contributes poetry to the site. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Season's Greetings 2012

When I checked the statistics before posting this, I see that there have been 146,887 visitors to this blog, from 170 countries worldwide. I am astonished, gratified and humbled that the blog has such a reach - by most accounts there are 196 distinct countries in the world, and that there are people with an interest in pastel in 170 of them is amazing. (What's wrong with the other 26, you might ask!)

There is no way I can greet 170 nations in their native languages. So, in the languages of the blog, I would like to wish everyone world-wide a peaceful Christmas, if you celebrate it, or at least a peaceful holiday season, and a busy, joyful New Year.

Bonne fêtes, Joyaux Noël, Feliz Navidad to all 214 of my followers too, and especially to those who take the trouble to comment, or to email me.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Bryan Hanlon

“Tree Sparrow and Plum”  © Bryan Hanlon

Name: Bryan Hanlon
Bio: Born in 1956, this self-taught British artist paints in a number of media and genres, not only in pastel. I have included him in this directory because his pastels are so accomplished they cannot be ignored.
Hanlon was influenced in his early years by Australian artist Raymond Harris Ching, who illustrated the Reader’s Digest Book of British Birds. I can identify with him as I bought a copy when it first came out, amazed at the lifelike treatment of the birds, so unlike the still museum poses of what had gone before. I still have it, and treasure it. Another of Hanlon’s influences is Andrew Hemingway, one of the world’s foremost pastel artists. His influence may be seen in some of Hanlon’s still life work.
Hanlon has exhibited widely, in the UK, in Europe and in the USA, with one man shows and mixed exhibitions, including the World of Watercolours in London; Whaletail Exhibition in Nairobi, where he was an award winner; International Animal Exhibition in France; Nature in Art, Gloucester; The Tryon and Swann, London; and the prestigious Birds in Art exhibition in Wisconsin, America. Hanlon has been Artist in Residence at Wallsworth Hall, Gloucester and has taught art at Marlborough College Summer School. Hanlon also works on many commissions including designing cover jackets for and illustrating books (Gerald Durrell's Army and Conservation published in 1997).  His commissions include Altarpiece, a 10 x 5 foot triptych inspired by a verse by St. Francis of Assisi, and a commission from the Jersey Wildlife Preservation Trust for a painting depicting endangered species to commemorate their 25th anniversary. His work was featured in Leisure Painter, December 2012.
He is represented by the Wykeham Gallery, Stockbridge, Hampshire, and the Jerram Gallery, Sherborne, Dorset.
Bryan Hanlon lives and works in rural Wiltshire, surrounded by the type of environment that has inspired his work.
Medium: Pastel; acrylic; oil; tempera; watercolour; sculpture.
Style: Realism. Hanlon’s paintings are all his own, even if you can see glimpses of Hemingway, or Nicora Gangi.
Publications: Birds and Beasts of Africa: Observations of a Wildlife Artist, Swan Hill Press, 1997.
ISBN-10: 1853103632; ISBN-13: 978-1853103636
Navigation: Clean, uncluttered.
Gallery: Painting: Birds (no pastels); Mammals (one pastel); Landscapes (no pastels); Still Life (oil and pastels).  
Image View: Thumbnails open in a scrollable viewer and may be downloaded. Information of medium and dimension is supplied both on the thumbnails and the enlargements. Tree Sparrow and Plum is 25 x 30 cm, 500 x 408, 55 KB.
Demo/Blog: No

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Angela A'Court

“Pink pot, red cup”  © Angela A’Court
Name: Angela A’Court
Bio: British artist Angela A’Court trained at West Surrey College of Art and Design, Parsons School of Art and Design,  New York and Goldsmiths' College, University of London, whence she emerged with a  BA (Hons) Fine Art Textiles.  After graduation from Goldsmiths' College she worked as an interior designer in an architectural practice in London before choosing to work independently. After fifteen years as a designer, she returned to painting full time, in 2002. Since then, she has regularly exhibited her pastels in the UK at the Stour Gallery, the Pastel Society, the Discerning Eye, Highgate Contemporary Art London, Thompsons Gallery London and Aldeburgh Josie Eastwood Gallery. In 2003 she moved to New York where she now lives and paints. Major influences evident in her work include Matisse and Hockney.
Angela was Artist in residence at the Stephen Gaynor School NYC in 2011 – 2012 and conducted a workshop at Unison Pastels, Northumberland in 2012. Her work in is many private collections, including that of Christopher and Lori Rothko NYC.
Medium: Pastel. Angela states that she wants to promote pastels as a modern medium.
Subjects: Positive and negative space, as expressed in figures, interiors and still life pieces.
Style: Minimalist. A’Court states: “The essentials of pastel are pure pigment, intense color, creating vitality, movement and sometimes vibration where edges meet. Using textured layers to define contours and describe tensions and gestures between forms, I see things in abstract and use the narrative of line to express my interaction with familiar objects which carve out their own space, suggesting form by the negative shapes they create.”
Techniques: “My working process is an explorative, intuitive mix - borrowed from several disciplines - combining and alternating pastel with print or collaging. I gather my visual language from the grace of everyday ordinariness, private worlds, unguarded moments, the unsaid - the remnants of human presence. I paint what makes me curious and seek to render the truest emotional response that drew me in to stop and take note.”
Navigation: A'Court's design skills are apparent in this clean, easily navigable website.
Gallery: Prints; Figures; Chairs and tables; Still life with flowers; Objects.
Image View: Thumbnails open in a scrollable viewer and may be downloaded. Information of medium and dimension is supplied. Pink pot, red cup is 47 x 62 cm, 344 x 260, 95 KB.
Demo/Blog: No

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Katherine Bakhoum

“Le derviche dans le ciel”  © Katherine Bakhoum

Name: Katherine Bakhoum Tisné
Bio: Katherine Bakhoum was born in Cairo in 1949 to an Egyptian father and French mother. She spent most of her childhood in Egypt, but left when she was twelve to live in Paris. “I have very good memories of that time,” recalls Bakhoum. “Egypt was not overcrowded, and we had a happy, cosmopolitan childhood. It seems the departure left me with certain nostalgia.”
Bakhoum studied in Paris at l’Atelier Met de Penninghen, a private school of design, d'art graphic art and interior design, under the auspices of l’Ecole Estienne, the Graduate School of the Arts and Printing Industry. Though the experience gave her the base she needed to become an artist, Bakhoum pursued her studies by experimenting with multiple media. For more than a decade, Bakhoum has held an annual exhibit at the Safarkhan Gallery in Zamalek.  She has had annual solo shows in Galerie Claudine Legrand, 49 rue de Seine, Paris, since 1996; and in Galerie Safar Khan, Cairo since 1999. Though she lives in Paris, displaying her work in Egypt is a way to stay connected with her past and promote the work of Egyptian artists. Her current exhibit is especially evocative of her roots, as many of the images are inspired by Oriental ideas.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Figurative; Landscape
Style: See for yourself. I have posted two paintings the better to illustrate her techniques. One has a marble dust background, the other collage.
Techniques: Bakhoum often paints on canvases that have been prepared with various materials. She generally makes use of rough cloth or sanded ground on which the pastel can hang, then covers them with a palette knife a bit like a plasterer. Thus, accidents are created. When she paints characters, she loads the canvas using collage, stamps or materials such as marble powder that thicken the canvas and interact with the pastel. While the material is wet, she then incorporates pigments then wipes the surface to obtain a distressed, old effect. If you look closely, you’ll notice all of her colours have a distinctive shimmer. This is created by mixing the paint with ground marble. This is evident in Les Moutons 130x130 cm.
“Les moutons”  © Katherine Bakhoum

Navigation: Website is in French but clearly laid out.
Gallery: Peintures: Oeuvres récentes (recent work); Personnages (people) ; Paysages & architecture (landscapes and architecture); Petits formats (small paintings)
Image View: Thumbnails provide information on mouseover. Clicking on them provides an enlarged image, in a viewer that can be scrolled, but occasionally on a separate page. Images can be downloaded. Le derviche dans le ciel (2011) is 120x120 cm, 600 x 600, 319 KB. 
Demo/Blog: No

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Jim Morgan

“Spider Island”  © Jim Morgan

Name: Jim Morgan
Bio: Jim Morgan is a North Carolina-based artist originally from New Jersey. Jim attended The Pratt Institute, New York,  where he studied art and design. During those years he was influenced by artists like Milton Avery, Wolf Kahn, Mark Rothko and Franz Kline. After college he moved back to New Jersey and began sketching and photographing some landscapes with the intention of producing some oil paintings. He picked up some pastels to do some color studies and the rest is history. He never did start the oil paintings. Jim’s paintings are represented in many private collections, and also in AIG, New York, Princeton Theological Seminary, and Columbia University, New York.
Medium: Pastel. Jim states: “As far as pastels go I love Unison and Terry Ludwig and think are the finest product out there. That being said, I have a substantial quantity of nearly every pastel brand out there on the market and love them all for their own special qualities...much like ones children. Paper: Fabriano papers are great, I like the Tiziano product the best. Arches printmaking paper is also a favorite as is Strathmore Dry Media paper. Also, I LOVE craft paper, grocery bags or that stuff they wrap parcels in, just use a very soft pastel and try to get it right the first time because that stuff is unforgiving and you really can't work it too much. Aside from brown craft paper I never use colored paper.”
Subjects: Landscape; Botanical; Architectural
Style: Expressionist, semi-abstract, to calligraphic. The botanicals seem to lie somewhere between stained glass and Japanese calligraphy, with a nod toward fractal geometry. The landscapes are deceptively simple – note that Morgan’s cites among his influences Mark Rothko, Franz Kline, Milton Avery and Wolf Kahn. Also Terry Winters, Georges Seurat (particularly his charcoal drawings), and Degas.
Techniques: “The landscapes are an ever-evolving exercise in composition and making concise marks on paper. I try to work as much as possible on location, where I work out quick gestural shapes and make color notes. I re-work these sketches over and over, larger and smaller until things sort of come together. Some I work on for 20 minutes and some for several weeks. No piece is ever finished, the only pieces I might consider finished are those that I have sold, and only because they are no longer in my possession and therefore cannot be reworked, tweaked or thrown away.” 
“For the landscapes, I start in charcoal and then begin building layers, sometimes I rub the whole sheet with a bright pink or orange just to give it something other than white to work on. I also start with a watercolor wash sometimes...when i work on heavier sheets I will use tempera paint as an undercoat and then work the pastel over that. Far too oven I overwork the paper, get frustrated and end up throwing it all away and starting over. My technique is unreliable, impulsive, and needs some refinement.”
“The Botanicals are perhaps my favorite pieces. They are loosely inspired by Eucalyptus and Ginko cuttings, other than that, I am at a loss to describe the process. I try to keep any reference at a distance when working on these and just let things happen. Like said I really like these and enjoy working on them.”
“The Others, most of these are inspired by small outcast commercial buildings that line the heavily traveled routes in central New Jersey. Most of these structures have been replaced by large shopping centers, big box stores and online commerce, and now lay vacant or are leased by dubious enterprises. Originally I wanted to document these buildings in photography, but quickly realized I was no photographer. I started sketching these and later re-worked them as small pastel compositions on pieces of craft paper and used brown grocery bags.”
Navigation: Simple, streamlined,  uncluttered. The main menu always available..
Gallery: The Landscapes; The Botanicals; The Others.
Image View: Thumbnails and large image are on the same page; direct download is not possible. Information is provided on originals.  Spider Island is 10 x 13 ins
Demo/Blog: No

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Aidan Butler

“Regatta Watchers”  © Aidan Butler

Name: Aidan Butler
Bio: Irishman Aidan Butler is a self taught artist who decided to paint professionally in 2001 after a successful solo exhibition in the Bank of Ireland’s art centre and a commission from the Mid-Western Health Board. Up to then he had painted intermittently, designing threatre posters and doing the occasional commission in the 1980s and 1990s. Since 2001 Aidan has had several solo shows and numerous group exhibitions. He was selected to represent Ireland at the Florence Biennale of Contemporary Art in Italy in December 2005, and also exhibited with other Irish artists in Hangzhou, China in June 2005. From 2007 he has been regularly accepted into the Royal Ulster Academy annual shows in Belfast. He participated in a group show at the Wexford Opera Festival Exhibition in 2012.
Medium: Pastel; oil; acrylic.
Subjects: Landscape.
Style: Impressionistic bordering on abstract, except for the acrylics, where a more graphic approach is adopted.  
Navigation: Nice site layout, easy and logical to follow. All menus remain accessible at all times.
Gallery: 2012 (current paintings, all media); PrintsArchive Pastel; Oil; Acrylic.
Image View: Thumbnails open in a viewer on a new page. Information on dimension is not always provided. Download is possible. Regatta Watchers is 640 x 360, 87 KB.
Demo/Blog: No

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Aurelio Rodriguez

“Crisis ?”  © Aurelio Rodriguez López

Name: Aurelio Rodriguez López
Bio: Aurelio Rodriquez López was born in 1958 in Génave, Jaén, Andalucia, and moved to Madrid to train as an engineer in 1976; after a year he quit university to become an artist. Like many another Spanish artist he took to painting street portraits, first in Madrid (where in 1978 he took lessons in Soto Mesa School of Art), then Marbella in the summer of 1983, and Tenerife in 1991, where he studied sculpture with Guillermo Batista Diáz. He received a commission from the royal court of Bahrain in 1996. He has since painted some of the major players of the world, from the kings of Morocco, Hassan II and Mohammed VI, the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, Tamara and Petra, daughters of Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone, and members of the rock band Def Leppard, among others.
Rodriguez has taken several courses in etchings, aquatint, linocut and photogravure, besides learning lithography from José Montañes Garnica, Spanish Museum of Contemporary Etchings, Marbella.  His picture Crisis? showing two children looking at a loaf of bread won first prize at the First International Pastel Biennial in Spain, 2011.
Rodriguez had his first solo exhibition in 1979 and a retrospective in 1995, with numerous shows in between. Rodriguez has shown his work in Madrid, León, Marbella, Valencia, Malaga, Granada, Düsseldorf, Munich, Miami, New York, and London.
Aurelio Rodriguez López lives in Puerto Banús, Marbella.
Medium: Pastel; oil; watercolour; pastels are painted on acrylic plaster.
Subjects: Landscape; Nudes; Portraits/figurative; Still life
Style: The website lists: Realism, surrealism, hyperrealism, magic realism and abstract  
Navigation: This website is available in Spanish, French, and English. I have confined my remarks to the English version. I don’t see any evidence that the site has been updated in recent years.
Gallery: To see all the pastels grouped together go to Techniques – Pastel; and to Portraits – Pastel. There is much more to be viewed in the other gallery pages under different techniques and media.
Image View: Thumbnails open in a viewer on same page. Information on medium and size is provided. Download is possible, although most if not all the images are splashed with a copyright watermark.
Demo: See a brief video on the 2012 BP Portrait Awards and a ten minute interview on YouTube 

Monday, December 3, 2012

Rosie McClelland

“Muckross Head”  © Rosie McClelland
Name: Rosie McClelland
Bio: Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Rosie McClelland is an honours graduate of Manchester Polytechnic, Faculty of Art and Design (1973) and studied Fashion Illustration at St Martin's School of Art, London from 1973 to 1974, when she was employed as designer by London Fashion Houses up to 1981.
During this period, Rosie lectured part-time in Design and Illustration in Birmingham Polytechnic, Hastings College of Further Education, Inner London Education Authority and the Paris School of Fashion, London.
From 1981-99 Rosie moved to to Frankfurt-am-Main, and continued fashion designing on free-lance basis. She painted and exhibited in and around Frankfurt area
While teaching art privately from own studio. In 1997 she became a member of Berufsverband Bildender Kunstler, (BBK) – a network of professional artists in Germany.
Rosie returned to Northern Ireland 1999 where she has remained to date, taking on part-time lecturing in Armagh College of Further and Higher Education, Newry and Kilkeel Institute of Further and Higher Education and private groups in Belfast.
Rosie has been exhibiting and selling her art for the last 30 years all over the world. Her work can be found in public and private collections in Germany, France, UK and Ireland.
Medium: Pastel; acrylic; oil
Subjects: Landscape; Portraits/figurative; Still life
Style: Representational.   Rosie says: “With a background of fashion design and illustration it's not surprising that artists such as Matisse and Bonnard have been an inspiration and also, living for 18 years in Germany, the German Expressionists. More recently, however, I have been revisiting and learning from the older masters such as Caravaggio, Zurbaran and Goya.”
Navigation: Main menu remains accessible at all times.
Gallery: Portfolio
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge in Flashviewer, but if you click on the image a download button appears. The enlarged image may be further enlarged, and may be saved.  Information on medium and dimension is mostly withheld. Muckross Head is 1400 x 1339, 983 KB.
Demo: No.

Jane Meyler

“Resting, The Burrow, Rosslare”  © Jane Meyler
Name: Jane Meyler
Bio: Jane Meyler is originally from Dublin and now living in Rosslare, Co. Wexford.  Having always loved art from an early age and throughout secondary school, it is only since 2009 that Jane has rekindled her love of painting. She has been involved in the Wexford Art In The Open Festival where she was introduced to pastels at a workshop by Greg Moore. She became a full member of the Pastel Society ofIreland in January 2012. Jane is basically self taught and works from her studio overlooking Rosslare Bay where the sea, the beach and the high skies provide her with constant inspiration.
A member of SEPA (South East Plein Air Painters), Jane exhibits regularly in Co. Wexford at the Rosslare Gallery, The Denis Collins Gallery, Wexford Picture Framing, and Greenacres and in Dublin at The Apollo Gallery, Dawson Street, Dublin 2.  Jane has exhibited in selected group exhibitions including the Pastel Society Annual Exhibition 2011 in Newry, Belfast, Ross Fine Art Gallery in Letterkenny, Ardgillen Castle, and the Art in the Open Exhibitions 2009 - 2011. Her work is in collections throughout Ireland and in London, Scotland and the USA.
Medium: Pastel; oil; acrylic
Subjects: Landscape; Portraits/figurative
Style: Representational.  
Navigation: A FineArtStudioOnline website.
Gallery: Works: Plein Air (one pastel); Pastels; Studio paintings (no pastels); Life drawing/figurative
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge in viewer, and give information on medium/dimension on mouseover.  The enlarged image may be further enlarged, and may be saved.  Resting, The Burrow, Rosslare is 550 x 260, 96 KB.
Blog/Demo: No.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Ros Harvey

“Burning the Whin I”  © Ros Harvey

Name: Ros Harvey
Bio: Ros Harvey is a Member of the Royal Ulster Academy and The Pastel Society of Ireland. Ros Harvey is self-taught and began her artistic career in 1967 in Dublin. There she garnered from books and colleagues the art of clay and became one of the leading potters of original ash-glazed stoneware in the country. This ended in 1981 with a back operation. A friend persuaded her to put her expertise in colour and form on paper, so again she embarked on self-learning. Several years of struggling to find “atmosphere” in watercolours and oils made her look further. A chance leftover from a visitor led her to pastels.
Her childhood in County Donegal enabled Ros to encapsulate the ruggedness of the Inishowen landscape in her paintings. She has brought the primary elements of earth, air, fire and water into her compositions, from drifting smoke, to reflections in wet sand, breaking waves and stormy skies.  
The establishment of Ballagh Studios, in the most northerly region of Ireland, has helped her to produce a coherent body of work in painting and print-making. Four old farmhouse buildings were restored to create a gallery/ showroom, framing shop, print workshop and a painting studio for her partner, Tim Stampton. The studio Ros uses was newly built from an old stone two-seater privy in the woods behind the house!
Ros Harvey is a Member of the Royal Ulster Academy and The Pastel Society of IrelandShe has shown her work in the Royal Ulster Academy, Belfast; the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin; and The Royal Society of Marine Artists, London.  She has had 8 solo shows, numerous 2-person and open juried shows, with many awards, including the Guest's Choice Prize in the John Laing Open Exhibition in the Mall Galleries, London, the Derek Hill Prize in the Glebe Gallery, Donegal, the Pastel Society's Selector's Prize and the Kennedy Gallery Prize, Dublin.  She has also shown her work in Italy,  Germany, France, The Netherlands, the UK and USA.
Medium: Pastel. Sculpture
Subjects: Landscape.
Style: Representational.  
Navigation: A simple website. The menu is always accessible on top of page, except when viewing enlarged image.
Gallery: Seascapes; Rider from the Sea; Burning the whins; Sculpture; Doors (Glashedy); The Noon Balloon.
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge on new page. There is little information on dimenson. The image may be saved.
Blog/Demo: No, but on the Pastel Society of Ireland’s website Ros explains how she achieves the fiery effects in Burning the Whin.