Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Angela A'Court

“Pink pot, red cup”  © Angela A’Court
Name: Angela A’Court
Bio: British artist Angela A’Court trained at West Surrey College of Art and Design, Parsons School of Art and Design,  New York and Goldsmiths' College, University of London, whence she emerged with a  BA (Hons) Fine Art Textiles.  After graduation from Goldsmiths' College she worked as an interior designer in an architectural practice in London before choosing to work independently. After fifteen years as a designer, she returned to painting full time, in 2002. Since then, she has regularly exhibited her pastels in the UK at the Stour Gallery, the Pastel Society, the Discerning Eye, Highgate Contemporary Art London, Thompsons Gallery London and Aldeburgh Josie Eastwood Gallery. In 2003 she moved to New York where she now lives and paints. Major influences evident in her work include Matisse and Hockney.
Angela was Artist in residence at the Stephen Gaynor School NYC in 2011 – 2012 and conducted a workshop at Unison Pastels, Northumberland in 2012. Her work in is many private collections, including that of Christopher and Lori Rothko NYC.
Medium: Pastel. Angela states that she wants to promote pastels as a modern medium.
Subjects: Positive and negative space, as expressed in figures, interiors and still life pieces.
Style: Minimalist. A’Court states: “The essentials of pastel are pure pigment, intense color, creating vitality, movement and sometimes vibration where edges meet. Using textured layers to define contours and describe tensions and gestures between forms, I see things in abstract and use the narrative of line to express my interaction with familiar objects which carve out their own space, suggesting form by the negative shapes they create.”
Techniques: “My working process is an explorative, intuitive mix - borrowed from several disciplines - combining and alternating pastel with print or collaging. I gather my visual language from the grace of everyday ordinariness, private worlds, unguarded moments, the unsaid - the remnants of human presence. I paint what makes me curious and seek to render the truest emotional response that drew me in to stop and take note.”
Navigation: A'Court's design skills are apparent in this clean, easily navigable website.
Gallery: Prints; Figures; Chairs and tables; Still life with flowers; Objects.
Image View: Thumbnails open in a scrollable viewer and may be downloaded. Information of medium and dimension is supplied. Pink pot, red cup is 47 x 62 cm, 344 x 260, 95 KB.
Demo/Blog: No


  1. J'aime cette couleur rose en soi pleine d'espoir porteuse de tant de vert symbole de vie!

  2. Merci Mokhtar. Nous sommes d'accord.