Sunday, December 16, 2012

Katherine Bakhoum

“Le derviche dans le ciel”  © Katherine Bakhoum

Name: Katherine Bakhoum Tisné
Bio: Katherine Bakhoum was born in Cairo in 1949 to an Egyptian father and French mother. She spent most of her childhood in Egypt, but left when she was twelve to live in Paris. “I have very good memories of that time,” recalls Bakhoum. “Egypt was not overcrowded, and we had a happy, cosmopolitan childhood. It seems the departure left me with certain nostalgia.”
Bakhoum studied in Paris at l’Atelier Met de Penninghen, a private school of design, d'art graphic art and interior design, under the auspices of l’Ecole Estienne, the Graduate School of the Arts and Printing Industry. Though the experience gave her the base she needed to become an artist, Bakhoum pursued her studies by experimenting with multiple media. For more than a decade, Bakhoum has held an annual exhibit at the Safarkhan Gallery in Zamalek.  She has had annual solo shows in Galerie Claudine Legrand, 49 rue de Seine, Paris, since 1996; and in Galerie Safar Khan, Cairo since 1999. Though she lives in Paris, displaying her work in Egypt is a way to stay connected with her past and promote the work of Egyptian artists. Her current exhibit is especially evocative of her roots, as many of the images are inspired by Oriental ideas.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: Figurative; Landscape
Style: See for yourself. I have posted two paintings the better to illustrate her techniques. One has a marble dust background, the other collage.
Techniques: Bakhoum often paints on canvases that have been prepared with various materials. She generally makes use of rough cloth or sanded ground on which the pastel can hang, then covers them with a palette knife a bit like a plasterer. Thus, accidents are created. When she paints characters, she loads the canvas using collage, stamps or materials such as marble powder that thicken the canvas and interact with the pastel. While the material is wet, she then incorporates pigments then wipes the surface to obtain a distressed, old effect. If you look closely, you’ll notice all of her colours have a distinctive shimmer. This is created by mixing the paint with ground marble. This is evident in Les Moutons 130x130 cm.
“Les moutons”  © Katherine Bakhoum

Navigation: Website is in French but clearly laid out.
Gallery: Peintures: Oeuvres récentes (recent work); Personnages (people) ; Paysages & architecture (landscapes and architecture); Petits formats (small paintings)
Image View: Thumbnails provide information on mouseover. Clicking on them provides an enlarged image, in a viewer that can be scrolled, but occasionally on a separate page. Images can be downloaded. Le derviche dans le ciel (2011) is 120x120 cm, 600 x 600, 319 KB. 
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  1. J'aime beaucoup ce tableau de Derviche Tourneur en ascension où le rouge exprime une passion centrale;

  2. C'est trés bien fait; trés malin!