Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Casey Klahn

“All the colors field” © Casey Klahn

Name: Casey Klahn
Bio: My first post for 2013 is on a busy artist and teacher whose approach to colour is original and whose influence is gaining momentum. I seem to have had some recent posts on artists whose work has pared the nature of expression to the essentials - Jim Morgan, Karin Goeppert and now Casey Klahn.
Casey Klahn is an American artist born in 1958 in Hoquiam, Washington, and now living in Davenport. Casey studied Biblical Literature at Northwest College (now Northwest University) – he recently had a one man show in the new humanities and science building there. He drew as a child, but only became a professional artist some 15 years ago. He is in the main self-taught, but did take the Norman Rockwell Famous Artist School Correspondence Course for Talented Young People (that is some handle!) when about 11 or 12 years old, which he still values highly. He has attended some workshops, and now teaches fine art workshops on his own New School Color, from Boston to Denver, Durango, Portland, Seattle, to Georgia.
Casey explains: “New School Color is my way of describing new expressions in colorism similar to Fauvism but exploring the new.  Contemporary colors are more numerous than either the Fauvists or van Gogh had available. We are in a new era in that regard. I wish to explore what new things may be said with color.” Often surprising in the use of colours, his palette is up-to-the-minute. His visual ideas extend the explosion in art that began over a century ago with Modern painters such as Cezanne, van Gogh and Matisse. Currently not a physical construction of bricks and mortar or an organized school, the New School Color is more a conceptual entity, but who knows what the future may hold as Casey's influence spreads, as he garners more students and followers.
“Forest Deep diptych” © Casey Klahn
Medium: Pastel, charcoal and graphite
Subjects: Landscape; figurative.
Style: These landscapes and figures are strong, vibrant and emotive. Working in various drawing media, such as pastel, charcoal and graphite, Casey’s pictures are dynamic and yet they provide an emotional renewal at the same time.
Navigation: The above URL is simply a list on the homepage of links to the several pages that make up Casey’s set of blogs.
Gallery: Look at the labels section of the blog for links to My Artworks, and Pastels,  in order to scroll through the images. You can also view images by clicking the Portfolio link from the home page.
Image View: Images in the blog enlarge on a new page when clicked and may be downloaded. The downloads are an excellent size for viewing.
Blog: Insofar as the set of sites are all blog style, this one is perhaps a blog within a blog. However. Casey points out that The Colorist is his flagship.
Facebook: Yes


  1. Thanks, Niall!

    The Colorist is my flagship blog (you can tell I value the Blogger platform) and is found here.
    Essays about art and ideas.

  2. Wonderful presentation of your art, Casey! A joy to look at!

  3. Thank you Oldenbroke for featuring Casey Klahn. His art has been an inspiration to me ever since seeing his blog and facebook. I enjoy his form of expression immensely.

  4. Anita, thank you for your comment, it inspired me to take a fresh look at your website, posted in May 2010!
    Do you think you might change the link to your blog to take the viewer directly to
    Best wishes for 2013