Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christiane Rosset

“Kerguelen, brume d'été austral” © Christiane Rosset
Name: Christiane Rosset
Bio: Christiane Rosset was born in 1937 at Metz.  From 1955-58 she studied at the Ecole du Louvre, and from 1956-59 at the Atelier d'Art et de Décoration both in Paris.
From 1959-70  she worked at textile design for furnishing, in silk and cotton; and she also designed wallpapers and panels, in collaboration with fashion designers and magazines. From 1971-85 Christiane taught drawing, painting and life drawing at the Cultural Centre of Saint-Cloud, and at her studio  from 1986-1992. (She had resumed her studies from 1978-80 at the Académie de Port Royal, Paris.)  From 1993 she has devoted herself entirely to painting and was nominated the first female Peintre officiel de la Marine in 1995.
Christiane has participated in numerous group exhibitions, and has many solo shows to her credit. Her work has been winning awards since her 1st prize for painting at the 1979 Saint-Cloud salon. In 2011 she was the guest artist at the Art de Pastel en France, Giverny.
Medium: Pastel; watercolour; oil.
Subjects: Seascapes
Style: Representational.
Publications: Golfe du Morbihan; ISBN: 978.2.84833.182.9 
Can be ordered by writing to Christiane Rosset, 38, chemin du Hazay - 78440 JAMBVILLE, France. €35 including postage within France).
De la Bretagne aux Kerguelen;
Available by writing to Christiane Rosset, address as above -  €34 including postage within France)
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Gallery: mer & ports (sea and harbours); régates (regattas) ; pêcheurs (fishermen); Bretagne ; missions ; croquis & couleurs (sketches and colours).
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge in a pop-up window and these are sometimes, but not always, labelled with name and dimension. There is much to explore here, and I have chosen a picture of penguins at Kerguelen, because not too many artists have made that trip!  Kerguelen, brume d'été austral (southern summer mist) is 60 x 110 cm, 600 x 368, 71 KB.
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