Monday, January 28, 2013

Jean Hirons

“Fog and Sun, Owl's Head” © Jean Hirons

Name: Jean Hirons, PSA
Bio: Jean Hirons was raised in the seaside town of Mattapoisett, Massachusetts, where she returns to paint each year. Having grown up in New England, she is particularly sensitive to the painting potential of the New England landscape, with its houses, farms, coastal villages. Landscapes are her passion, captured en plein air when possible. Her work represents not only the local area, but other parts of the United States and Europe.
Jean majored in art in college, then took a detour into library science, and ended up for 20 years in the Library of Congress. She returned to painting in the 1980s, and converted to pastels in 1991 with a box 90 Rembrandts and a sheaf of Canson paper – a denouement I can identify with! Jean has taken workshops with Duane Wakeham, Doug Dawson, Bob Rohm, Susan Ogilvie, Elizabeth Mowry, Albert Handell, Margaret Dyer and Richard McKinley. She is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, the Maryland Pastel Society and the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod.
In 2005 Jean took early retirement and began teaching weekly art classes at Montgomery College, in Rockville.  She now teaches at the Yellow Barn in Glen Echo Park, Bethesda. Jean's work was featured in the Pastel Journal, June 2011 issue, and she wrote an important piece on the importance of personal development in art in the June 2012 issue.
Jean lives in Rockville, Maryland, and is represented by Waverly Street Gallery in Bethesda, Maryland, and by Rogers Gallery in her hometown of Mattapoisett.
Medium: Pastel
Technique: Jean likes to begin with a charcoal or graphite drawing on a white substrate; this is rubbed in with water; colour washes are then overlaid, before soft pastel is painted on top. Jean rarely uses hard pastels, except when fine detail is required. While she works in plein air, she also will base a painting on a photo, using artistic licence to interpret the composition  and colour,
Subjects: Landscape; still life.
Publications: Finding Your Style in Pastel ; Author House, $51.99.
ISBN 978-1-47727-135-3  
E-book version also available, and through Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.
Style: Representational, but loose, painterly and atmospheric.
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Gallery: Mid-Atlantic; New England; West/Midwest; Other
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge on a new page. There is a return to gallery link, but if you use the “right click, open on new tab/page” option you can keep the gallery page open too. All images are labelled with title and dimension – the medium is always pastel. Download is possible.  Fog and Sun, Owl's Head is 12 x 16 ins, 513 x 380, 60 KB.
Blog:  Yes – this is a new blog and looks very promising indeed. 
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