Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nathalie Azmi

Meules fin juillet ” © Nathalie Azmi

Name: Nathalie Azmi
Bio: French artist Nathalie Azmi has been painting with pastels for many years.  While she first painted with acrylic, watercolor and digital media, the need to paint the landscapes around her had her seek out a medium that gives her both a physical, subtle contact with the material, and the rapid response necessary to express her feelings on the support.  Her paintings are an emotional response to the landscape. Influenced by the impressionist school, she seeks a more personal expression of the essential, where less is more. 
Nathalie is primarily self-taught, although she has taken a workshop with Sophie Amauger,  Master Pastellist of the French Pastel Society.  She has participated in group exhibitions, most recently at St Gelais, near Niort, at the Salon Françoise d'Aubigné, and at salon Terre de sienne,  La Ferrière, where she was guest artist.  She had a recent solo show of her landscapes at the town hall, Venansault, and at the Côté sud Expo, La Roche-sur-Yon in collaboration with the Arts Pluriels Association. Her awards include 1st prize in the Garden Painters of Loriot, Venansault, and had three paintings among the finalists of the 2012 ASPAS (Spanish Pastel Society) online exhibition.
Nathalie Azmi lives in the Atlantic coastal Vendée region of France.
Medium: Pastel; acrylic.
Subjects: Landscape; Portraits; Still Life.
Style: Representational, but impressionist in treatment.
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Gallery: Galerie des Pastels: Paysages (landscapes) ; sub-galleries : A travers champs (in the fields) ; Eaux et marais (water and marsh); Ici et ailleurs (here and elsewhere); Portraits ; Nature Mortes (Still life). Illustration-graphisme (illustration-drawings).
Image View:  Generally the thumbnails are labelled with medium and dimension, and open on a new page. The enlarged image varies considerably in size from small to quite large.  Meules fin juillet is 34 cm square, 594 x 594, 53.5 KB
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  1. Bien sûr! Les pastellistes français sont parmi les meilleurs du monde. Et ils ont les pastels Sennelier, les Giraults, les Rochés, que sais-je!