Sunday, January 6, 2013

Otto Stürcke

“Taos Terracotta” © Otto Stürcke

Name: Otto Stürcke
Bio: Born and raised in Sun Valley, California, Otto Stürcke wanted to become a professional artist ever since he could remember. In high school Otto began to paint portraits after becoming familiar with the works of Michael Angelo, Ingres, Saturnino Herran, Velasquez, and Bouguereau, drawing inspiration from Renaissance masters to Disney artists.
At the age of 17 Otto joined the U.S. Marine Corps where he was recognized for his drawing ability and was named the "artist private". After his military service, which included a tour in Desert Storm, he continued to take art workshops and courses at several local art associations and colleges. During this time he also took up acting, joining the Screen Actors Guild in 1997. Since then Otto has performed in several television shows and films including, "Crusade", "Mad TV", and hosting Univision's "Control".
In 2003, Otto began to produce and art direct award winning films, including "The Project's Lumiere", which received an Oscar by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Student Academy Awards. Much of his work involves developing art for film and television, having now created for more than 250 projects. His current projects include conceptualizing and sketching art for Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Smurfs", HBO's "East Bound and Down" with Danny McBride, and "Battleship".
In his studio, Otto enjoys experimenting with all sorts of different media. Often mistaken for photos, Otto's works demonstrate hours of technical patience, although he seeks frequently to alter his methods to experience every aspect of painting.
About two years ago Otto was introduced to pastels and the majority of his current work is in that medium  Last September his piece Taos Terracotta won the Art Spirit Foundation Dianne B. Bernhard Gold Medal Award for the Pastel Society of America's Annual Open Exhibition and 4th place in the Pastel 100. Otto has also been a finalist in the Art Renewal Center’s still life category.
Medium: Pastel, oil, acrylic, gouache.
Subjects: Still Life; portraits
Style: Meticulous realism.
TechniqueTaos Terracotta measures 12x18 ins and was painted on dark brown La Carte sanded paper with a combination of Unison pastels, NuPastels, Carbothello and Cretacolor pastel pencils.  Otto likes to lay down a few layers of the softest pastels first making sure the the "tone" of the painting is set.  He focuses on saturation of color as well as light and shadow at this stage, following on with NuPastels adding a fair amount of detail and attention to graduating values.  The pace of the painting slows down considerably but he is still focusing on the painting as a whole.  Lastly he like to finish with the pastel pencils adding final details and textures. This technique is quite the reverse of that of most pastel painters, who usually begin with their hardest sticks. The only other painter I can think of who approaches this method is Jane Lund.
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