Sunday, February 10, 2013

Jean-Claude Muret

“Amont aux Roches du Diable” © Jean-Claude Muret

Name: Jean-Claude Muret
Bio: French artist Jean-Claude Muret was born in 1946 in Nanterre, and since 1980 has lived on the banks of the Loire at Ancenis. He is self-taught, although he spent his career in the graphic arts, then many years head of a communications group.
He started painting in 1970, at first oil and ink techniques and Chinese washes and exhibited frequently from 1990 to 1995 ... he also won a 1st in 1995 awarded by the Lions Club for an oil painting.
He discovered pastel in 1993, thanks to a gift of a small wooden box of Girault pastels and was immediately smitten by the direct technique. He took up the batons again in 2009 and hasn’t looked back since. What he likes about pastel is its spontaneity. But he says that it is a demanding technique because it requires an ability to draw well.
Jean-Claude is a member of Art de Pastel en France and was selected to present his paintings in the International Exhibition in Giverny in 2012, when he was awarded the Special Jury Prize awarded by the Pastel Society of America. He has also been the recipient of the British Pastel Society’s Prize for Originality and the Prix de Pastel en Yvelines  in 2012 .
Medium: Pastel.  Jean-Claude likes to explore the availability of artisan pastels and has had some made to order by Pip Seymour. He also mentions Terry Ludwig (his clear favourite), l'Artisan Pastellier (Albi) and Terre de Gaude.
Subjects: Landscape, often expressed in close-up.
Style: Representational through an expressionist lens
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Gallery: Oeuvres récentes; Galerie: Côté abstractions ; Thème « paysages » (landscapes) ; Thème « de bois et de fer » (wood and iron – a ship cemetery)
Image View:  Thumbnails open in an on-page viewer. Size is given. Download is permitted. Amont aux Roches du Diable is 65 x 50 cm, 1000 x 772, 440 KB.
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