Thursday, February 7, 2013

Marie-Elise Larène

“Coup de foudre” © Marie-Elise Larène

Name: Marie-Elise Larène
Bio: As Marie-Elise Larène was growing up, it was as natural for her to draw or paint as to eat or sleep. Her father was a sculptor of sacred art and also drew very well.  At 9 years old she knew art would be her only true vocation. At 16, in 1971-1972 she attended a visual arts workshop in Atelier du mai, Malakoff. From 1972-1975 she studied at the Beaux Arts in Paris, where she claims to have learned nothing and at 20, she began working full time, turning her hand to everything -  watercolors, scenes of ordinary life, interiors – she even spent some years dedicated to embroidery.
And then one day, at age 32, she walked into an art supply shop and bought a box of quality pastels. That was April 1, 1987. In the months that followed she painted 50 pastels and in September held her first exhibition. The rest is history.
The artist was featured in the June 2010 issue of Pratique des Arts.
Marie-Elise Larène lives in Meudon, 92190.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Landscape where skies loom large.
Style: Representational
Navigation: This website is in French. Links remain available at side of page.
Gallery: Pastels: Moyens Formats (average size) ; Grands formats (large size – over a metre high and wide) ; Tondi (round format) ; Paravents (screens).
Note: Marie-Elise uses the Tondo because she finds it acts as an objective lens to "zoom" into a subject and focus the viewer's interest. The round frame circumscribes the painting without a break-point. In Chinese cosmology, the sky is round, whereas the earth is square. The round is the perfect format.
Image View:  Thumbnails at the side open in a Flash viewer and may be viewed singly or scrolled. Information on title, medium, and dimension is provided.  There is a right-click option that offers “download image” but I only got an unknown file type that would not open in an image viewer. However, when I changed the file name so that it ended in “.jpg” (note the full stop) it worked a treat. So if you wish to download an image, save it as “whatever.jpg” and it should work. Coup de foudre is 120 x 160 cm, 500 x 394, 144 KB.
Blog: No.
Demo: This is the short video on her home page. 

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