Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rebecca Margolese-Malin

“Fruit and Green Pitcher” © Rebecca Margolese-Malin 

Name: Rebecca Margolese-Malin 
Bio: Rebecca Margolese-Malin of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, gradated with a  B.A. in Art History from UC Berkeley and an M.A. in Art History from UC Santa Barbara. When she moved to North Carolina a  meeting with Lindesay Harkness turned into a student/teacher relationship that inspired Rebecca to open her own atelier where she teaches the techniques learned from Harkness which can be traced back to members of the Boston School of American Impressionism and earlier. Rebecca has been showing her work and winning awards since 199,  including an Honorary Mention in the 2010 Pastel 100. She is a member of the Pastel Society of North Carolina.
Medium: Pastel 
Subjects: Portraits; Still life.
Style: Representational. Rebecca says “When selecting objects for a still life, I am drawn to those forms that have delicate passages of half tones emerging from the light and fading into shadow. The light effect gives these objects an intrinsic beauty, whether they are natural or man-made. I find the same qualities in the human face and approach portraiture with the same fascination. My goal is to create a portrait that exists as a painting as well as a likeness.
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Gallery: Portraits; Still Life; Drawings
Image View:  Thumbnails open in an on-page viewer. Size is given. Some few may be further enlarged, or the detail viewed.  Fruit and Green Pitcher is 25 x 19.5 ins. 
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