Monday, March 25, 2013

Anthony J. Petchkis

“Off Scotland Road” © Anthony J. Petchkis

Name: Anthony J. Petchkis
Bio:  Landscape artist Anthony J. Petchkis was born in 1955, and lives in Lynn, Massachusetts.  From 1973-1977 he studied for his Bachelor of Fine Arts from Paier School of Art, New Haven, Connecticut. He returned to the Massachusetts College of Art in 1990-1991 for a Continuing Education course in Printmaking.  He is, or has been, Manager of Dick Blick Design Centers, Boston, Massachusetts.
To explore the unique colors of autumn, Anthony draws inspiration from the White Mountains of  New Hampshire to the Berkshires of Massachusetts and Connecticut. For the study of atmosphere and drama of summer Anthony paintsalong the marshes and coastline of the North Shore of Massachusetts. Another favorite place to explore in depth is the natural beauty of late spring and summer in Martha's Vineyard.
Anthony’s work was featured in the Pastel Journal, June 2005, 
Anthony has been exhibiting his work  more over twenty years. His paintings may be found in private and corporate collections, including General Electric, Maine Savings Bank, and GTE. He is currently represented by A Z Fine Arts, Wellesley Hills, Maine.
Medium: Pastel on rag board; oil.
Subjects: Landscape
Artist's Comment: “In a nutshell, the Hudson River School of artists felt the American landscape was a paradise, something transcendental and spiritual. These artists knew that the industrial age with its acquisitions and empire building would eventually destroy this pristine land; thus they felt it was their duty to capture this paradise before it disappeared. The philosophy behind my landscapes is the same, but my style reflects my own place in time and use of mediums. My oil paintings closely follow the example of these American Masters whereas my pastels have a crisper line, and more saturated colors.”
Style: Representational.  “What I mean by painting with soft pastel is that I handle this medium the same as I would oil paint. I first start with scrubbing in an under painting, then working up layers to a final glazing, using a fixative between each layer. I obscure the drawn line as much as possible. Covering the whole sheet of paper with pastel till no paper is revealed.”
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Gallery: Paintings
Image View:  Eleven images only may be viewed one at a time by scrolling through.  Download is possible. Images are small. Off Scotland Road is 22 x 30 ins, and is pastel on rag board.
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