Sunday, March 10, 2013

Patrick Henry

“Thyme and chives” © Patrick Henry
Name: Patrick Henry
Bio: French artist and sculptor Patrick Henry was born in 1958 in a village in the Eure valley, in the heart of Normandy.  His website is reticent about his training or his life’s work, but it is clear that he is sought after to give pastel courses, especially with Vocation Pastel at Voisins le Bretonneux, in the south-west suburbs of  Paris, where he has participated together with Maxime Bochet, Claude Texier, David Garrison, Cécile Houel, Christine Dumont, David Hervelin, Patrice Latger, and Jean-Yves Leboulanger. He has exhibited in Giverny with the group Art de Pastel en France; and in St. Aulaye.
His work has been featured in several magazines in France: Pratique des Arts, Special Pastel Issue 13, Dec-Jan 2012-2013; and Plaisirs de Peindre, No. 46, August-October 2012.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Landscape; figurative; still life; automobiles; motorbikes; sculptures.
Style: Representational.
Navigation: This website is in French, which is no excuse for its poor layout. Comprehensive links are not retained on the pages so that navigation is by use of the back button to refind your previous location. Probably best to go straight to the galleries.
Gallery: Paysages; Portraits; Nus;  Natures Mortes; Autos; Délire.
Image View:  Thumbnails open in a viewer on a new page. Neither titles nor dimensions are listed. Download is possible. Thyme and chives is 600 x 420, 51 KB.
Blog/Demo: Go to Collaboration Magazine to seee his step-by-step demonstrations for the above-mentioned magazines.


  1. Bonjour ;-)
    J'adore ce que fait Patrick Henry, surtout ses chemins, ses sous-bois, ses bords de mer... Les couleurs qu'il utilise me plaisent beaucoup!
    Ses derniers portraits sont "à tomber"...
    A bientôt!!

  2. Apologies to Olga Diaz, who left the comment "Precioso trabajo" that I deleted accidentally.

  3. Merci Véronique. Son oeuvre est très bon - il mérite que son site-web soit mieux fait.