Sunday, June 23, 2013

François Barbâtre

Petite pharmacie” © François Barbâtre

Name: François Barbâtre

Bio:  François Barbâtre claims to have been born at the age of nine. That was when he discovered, in school, that the leaf of a plane tree might be painted to resemble the real thing. From then he never looked back. At high school he became disenchanted with his art teacher, to the extent that he declined to enrol in the Paris Ecole des Beaux-Arts. It was necessary to look elsewhere for an authentic education in painting. A brief excursion to Italy lasted long enough to discover Cimabue in Florence, and the mosaics of Ravenna and Venice. Approaching thirty, he found himself a master in the person of Robert Tatin, with whom he studied Seurat, among others. In Paris, rue Rambuteau, the famous Roché pastels converted him to that medium, and he met there a kindred spirit, Sam Szafran. At the 1977 Paris Festival d'Automne he showed his paintings and acquired a dealer. His apprenticeship was over, from now on he had only his art to rely on.
Barbâtre has exhibited in France, Belgium, Austria, Germany and Brazil; his most recent exhibition was a retrospective in Galerie Jacques Elbaz, Paris. His studio is in Montmarte.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Still life; figurative.
Style: Pared back, minimalist. His eureka moment was seeing Cézanne watercolours at the impressionable age of sixteen.
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Gallery: Oeuvre: Récentes; Aperçu.
Image View:  Thumbnails provide some information on title and dimension on mouseover. They enlarge in a  pop-up and may be scrolled and saved. Petite pharmacie is 24 x 33 cm, 1656 x 1201, 579 KB.
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