Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Michel Jaillet

“Danse Flamenco” © Michel Jaillet
Name: Michel Jaillet
Bio:  Michel Jaillet was born in Dijon, France, in 1944. He had a Eureka moment at the age of thirty when his profession of designing and fitting integrated kitchens required him to learn drawing, perspective, form etc.  He began to paint in oils for some years until he had another conversion, to pastel. Its techniques, its ability to blend, its sensual, tactile nature soon had him won over until he tried it out in still life, animals, portraits, nudes, landscapes – the whole gamut of artistic subject matter. Michel likes to work pastel both in fine, almost photographic detail, but also to exploit its ability to capture the fleeting moment.
Michel’s work is permanently on view in Vannes, Brittany, at L'atelier du cadre, 75 rue de Vincin and at Parfum d'art, 110 avenue de la Marne.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Just about everything. See Gallery!
Style: Representational.
Navigation: This website is in French. Navigation is easy throughout; main menu remains available at side.
Gallery: Animaux (animals); Divers (various); En mer (at sea); Flamenco; Fleurs (flowers); Le Golfe (the Gulf – of Morbihan, presumably); Musique; Nature Morte (still life); Paysages (landscape); Venise (Venice).
Image View:  Thumbnails enlarge in a Javascript viewer and may be scrolled but not saved.  Dimension and title are provided. Danse Flamenco is 80x 65 cm.
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