Thursday, February 20, 2014

Emma Colbert

“Waiting to go online” © Emma Colbert
Name: Emma Colbert
Bio: Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Emma works as an artist and illustrator. She graduated from Kent Institute of Art and Design as an illustrator in 2007, and has worked on portrait commissions, produced original fine art series for galleries throughout Ireland and illustrated several books.
Having discovered pastels very early in her career Emma knew that this was the medium she wanted to develop most in.  An equal passion for animals has fuelled a love of painting them.  After experimenting with velour pastel paper Emma found a surface that has a spongy soft texture whilst allowing great detail. 
Recent projects include a commissioned portrait of a famous Real Madrid footballer which was filmed for UEFA Championship Live and broadcast worldwide.  Also the release of the second book in the ‘Charlie Crow’ children’s book series which has been read in over 200 schools in Northern Ireland. 
A member of the Pastel Society of Ireland,  Emma exhibits regularly in groups and plans her first major exhibitions this year.  Her aim as an artist is not only to improve in the medium of pastel, but to document her work in progress through photos and videos hoping to eventually have a time lapse video shown beside every painting of the entire process.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Emma says : “I’ve always loved painting animals and people.  It’s only recently I’ve pushed myself to get better at landscapes, interiors, water, skies, sunlight, all the things that make paintings interesting.  I now find myself taking as much pleasure in painting a windowsill as I would a face.
My favourite subject to paint is definitely my own dog who features in the painting shown.  I know her so well, she inspires ideas, is patient with me when I ask of her, and has a real presence that not only I feel as she’s one of my most popular series. 
I think I have an obsession with trying to catch something in a moment of beauty.  I simply hope that in a moment lost in my painting the viewer might find a sense of calm and connect with the soul of the subject”
Style: Realistic. Emma's affection for her subjects is apparent in her treatment.
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