Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Leoni Duff

Painting © Leoni Duff
Name: Leoni Duff
Bio: Leoni Duff lives in Launceston, Tasmania. Her first love was music and she studied at the Conservatorium of Music in Hobart, where she majored in piano. Having an lively interest in art and art history, during the 1980’s Leoni turned increasingly to painting, starting with watercolour and progressing to oils. Largely self-taught Leoni has relied on both historical and current art resources for guidance and direction, not neglecting the early Australian artists, especially the artists of the Heidelberg School. She confesses to be strongly influenced by the Dutch still life masters, Vermeer with his light filled interiors, and the still life of Chardin. Having started with watercolour, then oils, Leoni now works exclusively in pastel. She is in demand for pastel teaching and has been invited to tutor art classes around Australia including the McGregor Art Schools,  University of South Queensland.
Leoni is the recipient of many awards, including several People’s Choice awards. She is the guest artist for the 2014 Salon International de Pastel in Saint-Aulaye, France.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Still Life, Landscape.
Style: Representational. Leoni spent many years living in rural North East Tasmania in the tiny hamlet of Herrick where she developed her unique style. Her background and training as a classical musician at the Tasmanian Conservatorium gives her a deep connection with the history of the arts and she is particularly drawn to the Baroque themes and methods. Duff sees her art as visual music, striving for the sense of dignity and composure, passion and control, beauty and honesty, form and content of the Baroque composers. I read her blog post on her 2013 French trip (of course) and she even imagines Bach’s organ Toccata in D minor playing in the background as she negotiates Rocamadour’s steep cliff. (But did she have dinner on the terrace of Le Beau Site? Maybe it was too late in October. Dommage!)
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Gallery: Still Life; Landscape; Figurative; Portraits
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