Thursday, May 29, 2014

Oliver Kohls

Anse de Sainte-Croix II © Oliver Kohls
Name: Oliver Kohls
Bio:  Oliver Kohls trained as a naval officer training, achieved a masters degree in politics and international studies and spent many years at sea in the German Navy. As an artist he is self-taught, studying the techniques of the old masters in museums in Berlin, Munich, London, Paris and Amsterdam. Heavily influenced by the Impressionists he is evolving from a realistic approach towards a more free and impressionistic style.
In May 2010 he was accepted as a member at the Pastel Guild of Europe and in 2014 he became a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America. His work was featured in the June/July 2104 edition of International Artist, No 97.
Medium: Pastel.
Subjects: The sea  - as I was posting this, Google were celebrating the life and work of Rachel Carson, and reminded that I once read books The Edge of the Sea, The Sea Around Us, and Under the Sea Wind – titles that perfectly sum up Oliver’s subject matter.
Style: Highly realistic but evolving. "Pastel seems to me the most appropriate way to express my artistic feelings and motions. I enjoy the mixture of drawing and painting while I am able to use both hands and fingers. I love the way a painting evolves and the constant dialogue between intention and pigments applied."
Navigation: This website is available in German and in English versions. It is clean and navigable – as is appropriate for a sailor-artist.
Gallery: Portfolio
View: Images enlarge in a viewer and may be scrolled. All are labelled with title, dimension and support. Download is not possible on the website without using a screengrab, but may be achieved on Oliver’s excellent blog. Anse de Sainte-Croix II is 50x70cm.
Blog: There are many images to be viewed on Oliver’s blog, at
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  1. Bonjour Niall!!!
    Quelle belle découverte!!!
    Je ne connaissais pas cet artiste.... merci ;-)

    1. Moi non plus Véro; je l'ai découvert grace à la dernière edition de "International Artist"