Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Jerzy Moscicki

Silk Square #4 © Jerzy Moscicki
Name: Jerzy Moscicki
Bio:  Polish artist Jerzy Moscicki was born in 1954. He studied at the National High School of Plastic Arts, and the Universities of Wroclaw, Nancy and Orleans. Now living in Lyon, France. He has devoted himself exclusively to painting since 1990 and is represented in numerous private collections. His work may be seen in La Galerie Bellon11 rue de la Plage,  St Jean de Monts, a popular holiday destination in the Vendée.
Medium: Pastel; watercolour ; oil
Subjects: Still Life
Style: Representational. "From my style, I stand in the tradition of value painters  - before seeing the color, I look at the light. I'm attracted to this particular relationship between light passing through the colored shadow… Through hundreds of paintings, oils, pastels and watercolors, mostly still lifes, I have told the history of objects, always via the realist convention of chiaroscur. It taught me the art of the painter."
Navigation: Website is in French but provides translations in 52 languages via embedded Google Translate.
Gallery: Top 10 (oils only); New Look – Pastels; New Look – Oils; New Look – Aquarelles; Classic Look – Pastels; Classic Look – Oils
Image View: Thumbnails enlarge in viewer on mouseover. Information is provided on medium and size. Download is not possible. Silk Square #4 is 50 x 50 cm/
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