Thursday, October 23, 2014

Amber-rose Hulme

Venetian Man © Amber-rose Hulme
Name: Amber-rose Hulme
Bio:  At the age of 4, Amber-rose Hulme decided to be an artist. She persisted with her dream, being awarded the top art prize in her final year of high school. Despite early success, she went on to study genetics, gaining a Bachelor of Science (2008) in the process. After completing her degree, Amber-rose found herself drawn once again by the creative pull, and eventually she acquired a little art studio in Hampton, Victoria, which she turned it into a successful business venture, with classes highly sought after and places limited. Amber-rose’s role as proprietor of Blanc Canvas Studios allowed her to immerse herself wholly in a Fine Art career, and she has not looked back.
Amber-rose has been winning awards for her work since 2008, and has been published in Shades of Gray, and in Strokes of Genius (twice thus far).
Currently working largely in greyscale, this limited palette allows Amber-rose to focus on contrast and texture that allows for a unique story-telling ability.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Urban landscape; figurative.
Style: The only genuine photorealist pastel painter I have come upon.
Technique: “The majority of my works are finished off with direct mark – unblended pastel – which, when inspected closely, are seen as a series of value chunks. Viewed from a distance these discrete values are optically blended, resulting in a photorealistic image. Currently I am fascinated by the colour and texture found in the urban landscape, and the contrast created by combining greyscale and highly saturated elements in the same piece. Taking a fairly traditional medium and using it for contemporary themes and scenes is another intentional contrast, challenger the viewer to rethink the use of pastel as a contemporary art medium.”
4. Across © Amber-rose Hulme

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