Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Susanne Mull

Skagen 11 © Susanne Mull
Name: Susanne Mull
Bio:  Born in Hanover, Germany, in 1967,  Susanne Mull has lived and worked in Ingelheim since 1992. Her art education consisted of regular courses with renowned artists at home and abroad, including the Oppenheimer Summer Academy, the Academy of Mainz, studying with Dietmar Gross, and numerous study trips to Europe, USA, Asia.
A professional artist since 2002,  and since 2013 Member of the Künstlersonderbund, Her awards include the Pastel 100 in Landscape and Interior; and 1st in Portrait; at the 1st Salon International Pastel d’Opale, in Northern France, she was awarded 1st Place -  Grand Prix du Salon.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Landscape; Portraits
Style: Representational. With the Skagen series Susanne brings us to the northern tip of Jutland,  Denmark. Clouds and light are constantly in motion and give it a multitude of opportunities, stimulating the viewer's imagination in a poetic way. The wildlife refuge of Lebertsau, remniscent of the Marais Poitevin,  is rendered in sympathetic tones that emulate watercolour.
Navigation: This website is in German, but not difficult to negotiate.
Gallery: Galerie: Skagen; Hommage an Rheinessen; Portrait; Lebertsau
Image View:  Thumbnails enlarge in a viewer, where they are labelled; they may be downloaded.  Skagen 11 is 60 x 78 cm; 640 x 476, 171 KB.
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