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Gary Huber

Table for Four with View © Gary Huber
Name: Gary Huber, PSA
URL: http://www.garyhuberart.com/
Bio: Wyoming artist Gary Huber was raised in Pennsylvania Dutch farm country. His artistic development began at the early age of five when, armed with his own oil painting kit, he accompanied his mother on Plein Air expeditions into the Pennsylvania countryside. After college, he spent 25 years in Denver, Colorado, eventually founding a software company devoted to computerized landscape visualization.
Made uncomfortable by the rapidly expanding Denver suburbia, Gary moved north to Wyoming where the wild and varied landscape provided him with space and inspiration. He also derived inspiration from the rich landscape tradition of the American West as preserved in the art galleries and museums oof Wyoming. His approach to color and composition was influienced by painters such as Clyde Aspevig, Scott Christensen, Lorenzo Chavez, George Carlson and T. Allen Lawson. Gary has developed a style of pastel painting that can be mistaken for oil but whose luminous surface, upon close examination, is found to vibrate with the subtle interplay of woven strokes of color. Gary brings to the easel his own unique sense of composition and light borne from lifelong outdoor study and an early interest in photography.
While Gary took his time coming to fine art as a profession, he has quickly accrued numerous awards including several Best of Show and First Place awards in national exhibitions, the Buffalo Bill Historical Center Award and placement in the Pastel 100. Gary is a Master Signature Member of the Pastel Society of Colorado, recipient of a Master Circle Medallion from the International Association of Pastel Societies, a signature member of Pastel Society of America, Pastel Society of the West Coast and Northwest Pastel Society, and a member of the American Impressionist Society and California Art Club. His paintings are found in collections across the United States and his work has been exhibited at the Butler Institute of American Art, The Haggin Museum, Stockton, California, the National Arts Club in New York City, and The Brinton Museum, Big Horn, Wyoming.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Landscape – especially snow, water, mountains The artist's hometown of Buffalo, Wyoming, sits at the base of the Bighorn Mountains. Grassy rolling plains rise abruptly to heights of over 13,000 feet in the Cloud Peak Wilderness. The ranches, hay meadows and wandering streams that water them are among Gary's favorite themes.
Style: Representational with loose painterly approach.
Technique: Gary says: Painting begins with a loose charcoal sketch on my textured board. The sketch is then converted into a charcoal value study. This is an important step in helping me evaluate the composition before applying color. At this stage the drawing can still be removed if the composition needs correction.
A workable fixative is used to set the charcoal and keep it from mixing with the colour layers that come next. I spray fixative until I can't rub the charcoal off with my finger but not so much as to fill the tooth of the surface.
One thing I like to do is not paint the colour I see directly but let two different colours blend either on the painted surface or in the viewer's eye to create the desired colour. I might use warmer and cooler versions of the color or richer/greyer, etc. to achieve the effect. That gives me livelier colors than if I just use a solid tone from the beginning. Some pastelists use cross-hatching to get a mix of colors. I prefer to work more like an oil painter, using the sides of the pastel sticks to achieve a wider stroke, varying the pressure to achieve varying amounts of coverage. A very light touch when there is still a lot of tooth is like an oil painter's dry brush technique. Light pressure with hard pastel over soft can give a glazed effect. Heavier pressure with a soft pastel can actually build up a little impasto on the surface that I find attractive.

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