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Bob Ziering

Family Group © Bob Ziering
Name: Bob Ziering
Bio : Bob Ziering studied art at the High School Of Music and Art in New York City. That was followed by further studies at New York University under the guidance of Hale Woodruff, William Baziotes and Carl Podzus, among others. His influences include J.M.W. Turner and Francis Bacon.
After completing his bachelor’s degree, Ziering chose to enlist in the US Air Force where as an enlisted man and later lieutenant, he served as a basic training instructor. Upon completing his military service he set out to study further elements of graphic design with Ivan Chermayeff and Bob Gill at The School of Visual Arts.
At the beginning of his career, Bob began illustrating on his own, securing clients such as Reader’s Digest, while at the same time acting as business partner and artists rep for Rahl Studios. Illustration has been the mainstay for his career. His client list includes many of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as cultural institutions such as The Metropolitan Opera, The New York City Opera, The Paul Taylor Dance Group and Cirque du Soleil. His work for these companies and many others has earned him several ANDY awards, the highest honour awarded to commercial illustrators. Many of his illustrations have been exhibited at The Society of Illustrators where Bob was awarded two one-man shows. Bob was also one of the founding members of the Graphic Artist’s Guild. He has been participating in group and one man shows since 1983.
From May 18, 2004 through June 26, 2004, a number of his never-before exhibited erotic works were on view at the Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation in New York city. This body of work, titled "Secret Sex: The Unknown Erotic Drawings of Bob Ziering", spans a period of thirty-five years.
In April 2010, American Artist published a piece on Bob’s technique. And some of his magnificent gorilla pastels were published in the June 2015 issue of the Pastel Journal.
Medium: Pastel ; mixed media
Subjects: Portraits; Animals; Still Life
Style: Representational. For his Gorilla series, the artist places the primates in an indeterminate pictorial space so that they seem to exist as much in the world of the mind as in the mountains of Rwanda. Passages of intense descriptive rendering, often focusing on faces and hands, alternate with more open areas in which broad shapes dissolve into a misty, suggestive atmosphere. Silhouettes are often outlined in red, a color used to symbolize danger. Sections of the background sometimes glow with reds and oranges, intimating a broader threat of fire and destruction. Even in the quieter images, an atmosphere of brooding unease pervades the work, reinforced by massings of dark tones and a telling selection of shapes and expression.
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Portfolio: Gorillas ; Portraits ; Chairs ; Animals ; Performing Arts; Sports; Still life; Burning Pier; Paper to Paper.
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Elaine Augustine

Overtures © Elaine Augustine
Name: Elaine Augustine, PSA-MP
Bio : Elaine Augustine is from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, when she showed an early talent for drawing and painting. In high school, she studied art privately and then took art classes as an undergraduate at the University of Tennessee. She has also studied with Ramon Kelley, Sally Strand and Ben Konis. Elaine is acclaimed for her vitality of colors, strength of composition and variety of subject matter. She paints colourful landscapes, vibrant still lifes, and glowing children.
Her work ranges in size from small 4" x 6" pastels to 40" x 60" oil diptychs. Elaine's paintings have earned her national honors and are held in corporate and private collections worldwide. She is a Master Pastelist with the Pastel Society of America, a signature member of the Degas Pastel Society and the Pastel Society of the West Coast, and a Member of Excellence in the Southeastern Pastel Society.
She has earned honours in national, regional and local juried competitions. Her work was included in "Connecting Alabama: Six Artists" sponsored by the Alabama State Council on the Arts. A night scene she painted from a photograph she took in New York won "Best of Show" in a competition held at Samford University in Birmingham. And, she has had pastels juried into the prestigious Pastel Society of America's "For Pastels Only" exhibitions in New York City.
Elaine resides in Florence, Alabama, and occasionally teaches pastel painting and pastel-making classes at the Kennedy-Douglass Center for the Arts and Northwest Shoals Community College. Her work is represented at the Emily Amy Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, and Artifacts Gallery in Florence, Alabama.
Medium: Pastel ; oil
Subjects: Portraits; Still Life
Style: Representational; abstract
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Gallery: Oils and Acrylics; Pastel: Abstract; Pastel: Representational; New Works
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Lisa Ober

Oddball © Lisa Ober
Name: Lisa Ober
Bio : Lisa Ober received her formal training in graphic design and at the School of Fine Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. Lisa began painting portraits as a college student, and has since completed over a thousand commissions. Her most notable clients include CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, Supreme Court Justices, local, state and nationally elected officials, the Pope and other clergy, as well as a myriad of sports icons. Lisa is a co-owner of Ober Anderson Gallery in Kirkwood, Missouri, which displays sample portraits and exhibits her still life paintings. When she is not in her studio she travels as a pastel and oil workshop instructor, appears as a featured speaker in a variety of venues and is actively involved in the St. Louis Artists’ Guild. She was an award winner in the 2014 Pastel 100.

Uart Pastel Paper have conducted an interview with Lisa on their website. This is the link.
Medium: Pastel ; oil
Subjects: Portraits; Still Life
Style: Representational
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Portfolio: Still Life in Oil and pastel; Pastel Portraits; Oil Portraits; Pet Portraits; Studies and Experimental.
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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Simone Bingemer

Kai © Simone Bingemer
Name: Simone Bingemer
Bio : Simone Bingemer was born into a well-known artistic family in Cologne, Germany, where she still lives and works. Already as a child, her life was determined by the urge to express herself with pencils and colours. Thanks to her exceptional talent, she was accepted at the Cologne Art Academy at the age of 16, as the youngest of all students. After finishing her studies in 1975, she worked Europe-wide as an graphic illustrator for international advertising agencies. She has specialised in portraiture since 1995.
Her ability to create not just portraits but fine art has earned her a lot of respect among customers nationally as well as internationally. Besides many nominations and awards she has won first place in a world-wide pastel artist contest in 2001. She won best of show in the 2015 Pastel 100.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Portraits and figures.
Simone says: Taking a look at classical portrait art in fact equals looking at human history. To the portrait artist, the individuality and uniqueness of a portrait pose an intellectual challenge, especially in times in which a collectively produced flood of pictures pushes the look at the original into the corner of cliché. In a portrait, the ”Zeitgeist” and the social view of the “own” converge with great sensitivity.
Style: Classical. The initial stage of finding her inspiration for the picture is crucial. Many photographs are taken, from a selection of which a sketch is then made that is finally transferred in enlarged form on to her support. During the photo shoot personal dialogues render for a short while an atmosphere of privacy and closeness, the direct contact with the model and his/her environment that is integral for the conception of the idea and subsequent success of the portrait.
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Gallery: Children; Men and Women; Animals. Free Works
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Nancy Nowak

Ablaze © Nancy Nowak
Name: Nancy Nowak, PSA
Bio: A native of New Jersey, Nancy Feinman Nowak earned her BFA at Cleveland Institute of Art in 1981, where her primary focus was on Enamelling and Oil painting. She ran a calligraphy business for 13 years before transforming it into her present business, Ink Strokes Printing, Inc. She is a Master Circle member of the International Association of Pastel Societies, a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, and a Member of Excellence in the Southeastern Pastel Society.
Nancy has been winning awards since at least 2009. Among her accolades, she was featured in the February 2015 issue of the Pastel Journal, and won First Place for Landscape in the 2016 Pastel 100.
Nancy Nowak resides and works in Atlanta, Georgia, where she conducts workshops and classes in pastel, focusing on landscapes.
Medium: Pastel; oil
Subjects: Landscape.
Style: Representational, with impressionistic flair.
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Gallery: Paintings; Plein Air
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