Sunday, December 13, 2015

Simone Bingemer

Kai © Simone Bingemer
Name: Simone Bingemer
Bio : Simone Bingemer was born into a well-known artistic family in Cologne, Germany, where she still lives and works. Already as a child, her life was determined by the urge to express herself with pencils and colours. Thanks to her exceptional talent, she was accepted at the Cologne Art Academy at the age of 16, as the youngest of all students. After finishing her studies in 1975, she worked Europe-wide as an graphic illustrator for international advertising agencies. She has specialised in portraiture since 1995.
Her ability to create not just portraits but fine art has earned her a lot of respect among customers nationally as well as internationally. Besides many nominations and awards she has won first place in a world-wide pastel artist contest in 2001. She won best of show in the 2015 Pastel 100.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: Portraits and figures.
Simone says: Taking a look at classical portrait art in fact equals looking at human history. To the portrait artist, the individuality and uniqueness of a portrait pose an intellectual challenge, especially in times in which a collectively produced flood of pictures pushes the look at the original into the corner of cliché. In a portrait, the ”Zeitgeist” and the social view of the “own” converge with great sensitivity.
Style: Classical. The initial stage of finding her inspiration for the picture is crucial. Many photographs are taken, from a selection of which a sketch is then made that is finally transferred in enlarged form on to her support. During the photo shoot personal dialogues render for a short while an atmosphere of privacy and closeness, the direct contact with the model and his/her environment that is integral for the conception of the idea and subsequent success of the portrait.
Navigation: The site is in German, but has an English language version – that given here.
Gallery: Children; Men and Women; Animals. Free Works
Image View: Thumbnails run along the bottom of the gallery page and are clicked to view. The resulting image may be further enlarged in a Flash viewer, but only the previous image may be downloaded. Information on the paintings is provided. Kai is 103 x 75 cm, 115 KB.
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