Monday, February 15, 2016

Julie Silvester

Calm of Day Injidup © Julie Silvester
Name: Julie Silvester
Bio : Julie Silvester was born in Perth, Western Australia, in 1962. Julie has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. She began painting in watercolours at the age of 30 and in 1999 changed to pastels due to their vibrancy, immediacy and the fact there was no drying time. Julie Silvester has received over 100 awards since she began exhibiting her work in 1992, and has exhibited successfully both in open and invitation only exhibitions. She has been a member of the Pastel Society of Western Australia since 1999. She conducts pastel workshops each year at the Victoria Park Arts Centre. Her work was featured in the French publication, 40 Maîtres du Pastel, published by Pratique des Arts in 2016.
Julie Silvester is represented by Yallingup Galleries, Gallery 360 Subiaco, Applecross Framing and Fine Art.
Medium: Pastel
Subjects: "Water, in all its aspects, has fascinated me for years. I've enjoyed painting its reflection, its rapid movement and its overall incorporation with mankind and the coastal landscape…A great proportion of my work focussed on morning light…mornings are always stimulating, and filled with novelty."
Style: Representional. Combining her love of travelling and photographing the Western Australian coastline gives her the inspiration to paint. The photographs are an information source for details, the actual experience of being there is what helps her complete the work in her own interpretation.
Technique: As a support, Julie applies an primer for pastels to the back of an acid-free mount board. The robustness of the support allows her to work with a damp sponge without the risk of wear, allowing her freedom and spontaneity of approach, and avoiding the need for fixative. For the sand, she uses the width of the pastel baton, then brushes the application with her fingers. Water is constructed with super-imposed layers of pastel. She defines the man areas in flat colour – no more than three – before going into detail. She varies pressure of the stick - this approach allows a wide range of effects (imprints, or ripples of dunes or of water) and lets the underlying colour appear to unify the painting. The texture of the support also contributes to the interest of the foreground.
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