Monday, February 29, 2016

Christina Schulte

Borzoi © Christina Schulte
Name: Christina Schulte
Bio: Christina Schulte is a professionally trained fine Artist from Germany, but has been painting since childhood. Owning and being around 
animals all her life has had a big influence on her art. While animals are her favourite subjects she also paints portraits and landscapes. She greatly admires Robert Bateman and Carl Brenders, and is captivated by the amount of detail in their work.
Christina was included among the 40 Maîtres de Pastel published in the book of that name by Pratique des Arts, 2016.
Medium: Pastel; watercolour; acrylic; oil
Subject: Dogs, especially Gazehounds. Christina keeps and breeds Borzois (Russian wolfhounds)
Style: Realism. Christina states that her process is relatively simple, starting with a contour drawing, adding colour and shadows before getting down to detail. A painting may take several weeks - even months - to complete.
Technique: According to the artist, are five elements essential to every painting: drawing, values, colour, composition,contours. Direct observation, and understanding of the laws of perspective play their part. The painting should possess a focal point, and one should pay attention to the transitions between areas of shadow and light.
Navigation: This website exists in both German and English versions. Liks remain available at top of page.
Gallery: Monochrome; Watercolour and pencil; Pastel; Acrylic; Oil
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Demo: Yes - Technique
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