Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Richard Suckling

Low Tide, Newlyn © Richard Suckling
Name: Richard Suckling
Bio: Richard Suckling's early career, after studying at Cambridge School of Art, was as an illustrator in London. The past ten years have seen an instinctive progression from graphic art to painting, mainly pastels and, more recently, acrylics as well.
Richard moved from London to Somerset and then in 2013 to Newlyn in Cornwall, five miles from Land’s End. The village of Newlyn is historically famous for fishing, art (The Newlyn School) and great storms; all of which are still central to Newlyn's unique character.
Richard believes in painting what you have a real passion for and know best and the Penwith peninsula in West Cornwall provides him with a daily cornucopia of endless inspiration.. He paints in soft pastels and acrylics, mainly land and seascapes, and his work is on display in several West Country galleries.
More recently, Richard has written a piece for The Artist Magazine on his pastel painting techniques, due in the January 2017 issue.
Medium: Pastel , Acrylic
Subjects: Landscape
Style: Representational. I suppose the style is akin to impressionism, but these are the most radiant light-filled pastels I have seen.
Navigation: The website is simple to negotiate. My only criticism is that the dropdown list of titles disappears off the end of my screen so I’m not sure if I have seen all the paintings.
Gallery: Pastels; Acrylics.
Image View: Images open individually by title from the Pastels (or Acrylics) links at the side of the page. Image size is not given. Download is possible. Low Tide, Newlyn is 967 x 787, 280 KB
Twitter: Yes

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