Friday, November 25, 2016

Yvette Bonnet-Fretin

Mes Tomates © Yvette Bonnet-Fretin
Name: Yvette Bonnet-Fretin
Bio: Apart from some correspondence courses in drawing during adolescence, Yvette Bonnet-Fretin is essentially self-taught.Over a dozen years she tried several mediums, acrylic, watercolor and especially oil. In 2009, she discovered of pastel, and has concentrated on it ever since. Clearly successful, she has been juried into the Société des Pastellistes de France exhibitions in 2012 and 2013 at Feytiat, Limoges, and with Pastels en Périgord in Saint-Aulaye in 2016.
Medium: Pastel; oil; acrylic
Subjects : Flowers; Fruit.
Style: Realism.
Technique: Yvette works the pastel like a painting medium, gradually applying successive layers to create volume, to exalt light and transparency. She lays and blends the powder with her fingers to obtain a smooth and velvety texture.
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Gallery: Galeries: Galerie 1 Pastels; Galerie 2 Pastels; Galerie 3 Pastels; Huile et Acrylique.
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