Thursday, February 16, 2017

Nà Luther

Livres © Nà Luther
Name: Nà Luther
Bio: Nà Luther was born in Vientiane, Laos in 1959. His parents emigrated to France when he was nine. He was educated by the Marist brothers in the Lot valley, but at the age of twelve he discovered pastel, in the studio of Roger Milhomme, uncle of a schoolmate. After a period as fashion designer, he returned to Milhomme at the age of 28 to spend four years mastering his art. He held his first exhibition in 1994 in the François Miron gallery in Paris. He now lives in Paris, in a house stuffed with the booty of his travels, ceramics, ex-votos, shells, rare books – a veritable cabinet of curiosities.  
Influenced by Chardin, and by the Dutch masters, he declares candle-light to be the best form of illumination for still life.
Roger Milhomme, whose sole student he was, taught him how to use his fingers to spread pastel on paper. This manipulation by the pastellist's finger is one of the reasons for the reputation of sensuality attached to the practice of this art. He makes no preparatory sketches. The shapes are born out of flattened colours. 
The stories told by Nà Luther are illustrated with objects that to our eyes may seem trivial. But he loves them for their simplicity, their fragility, their tears, their cracks: faded roses, old books, coral-covered bowls from wrecked ships, whitened shells ... all charged with stories they hasten to spill.
Why these objects particular objects? "Because they touch me and I love the quiet life….I like to paint objects that have lived, like old ceramics, or books waiting for the binder. The question of time passing is inherent in all my work.”
Medium: Pastel
Subjects : Still Life
Style: “His Still Lifes carry us away, overwhelm us, soothe us. They make us dream, meditate. Nothing extraordinary, nothing extravagant, nothing ostentatious. Simple materials and objects, he presents them to us as he discovered them and gives them life for our greatest happiness.”  Pierre Stéphan
Navigation: Pared to the bone. In French.
Gallery: galerie poterie (pottery); galerie coquillages (shells); galerie fleurs (flowers) ; galerie fruits; galerie legumes (vegetables); galerie livres (books);
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