Monday, April 3, 2017

Rick Stevens

Morning Jewels II © Rick Stevens
Name: Rick Stevens
Bio: As a small child growing up in Sparta, Michigan, Rick Stevens used to watch his father paint evocative landscapes that reflected the beauty of woods, rivers, and wildlife. Inspired by that process, Stevens went on to study art at Grand Rapids Community College, Kendall School of Design, and graduated 1982 Aquinas College, Grand Rapids, Michigan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree - but his most intense education was provided by the woods themselves.
He has had numerous group and solo exhibitions and awards, and is represented in many corporate and private collections.
His work has been featured in a number of art publications, including the Pastel Journal in 2009, (Cosmos of Pattern by Tamara Lenz Muente) and most recently American Art Collector (Endless Possibilities, May 2015, by John O’hern).
Medium: Pastel; oil
Subjects : Landscape; abstract. His abstract work reminds me strongly of the paintings of Robert Natkin.
Style: “Stevens began as a landscape painter, but the ephemeral appeal of nature eventually led him away from the realistic rendering of what he saw around him into a realm of abstraction, where pulsating energy and lambent light create the crescendos and diminuendos of a world in continuous flux. Working both in the studio and en plein air, he draws on the realism and abstractions of the natural world to create paintings that challenge us to perceive the underlying structure of the universe within a seemingly random expression of unalloyed beauty.”
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