Sunday, August 2, 2020

The Last Post

When I began this blog, in November 2009, the only way to see a selection of work by an artist was to view their website. Now, more than ten years on, many artists favour a variety of social media platforms to publicise their work, and many artists do not bother to maintain a website. This blog has fulfilled its purpose, and to add to it, and to review and update existing posts, is a task too onerous.
I am immensely grateful to all the artists who agreed to have their work displayed here.  We have sadly lost a few along the way. Among the first ten posts, Daniel E. Greene and Elizabeth Mowry have passed away in the last year, Elizabeth Mowry just this week. So I dedicate this closure to them. I will keep the blog on line for as long as practicable, but will no longer maintain or update it.
I have avoided posting my own work on the blog up to now, so perhaps I may be excused for posting some of my favourite pastels as I take my leave.
Best wishes and congratulations to the pastel community that has expanded so much in size and in sheer talent over the last decade. I have learned so  much from you all.
Niall O'Neill

Homeless © Niall O'Neill
Spanish Mill © Niall O'Neill
Tureen #2 © Niall O'Neill
Coffee in Style © Niall O'Neill
Didier © Niall O'Neill
Tea for the Tillerman © Niall O'Neill
Forte Dux © Niall O'Neill